Sunday, April 19, 2015

Breakfast Is Served

A little side project conjured up while working from my home office, and having a new camera to have a play with.
Robin Living in a flat rules out a bird table or anything like that to bring wildlife closer for a look. So, a few months back we picked up one of those RSPB window feeders that attach to the outside of the window with suckers. This has been well received by the local bird population over the last few months, and we now have a few regular visitors.
Blue Tit I figured I could make use of a clamp and a few bits from my bag-of-stands-and-bits. With a Pocket Wizard plugged in to my manually focused G1x mkII I can now shoot whenever the flutter of anything dropping in for a snack catches my attention.
Bird Feeder Remote Set-up
Nothing rare, nothing fancy, (so far) but it is nice to get decent close-ups shots from the living room!
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