Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trans Scotland '07 day3

Trans Scotland '07 day3
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100k from here. I'm well sleepy now! 107k took Gaz, Rich and myself 7hrs.
This morning's ride was great, it was nice to have one more chance to see how nice the singletrack is around Drumlanrig. From what I can remember we went from there on to a big but rideable climb that pretty much dumped us into Ae forest. That black/red trail in Ae is stunning. A little bit too stunning in fact as I found out when I stuffed up a table-top ploughed into the side of the trail. Thanks to the Team Endurance guy and girl who stopped to make sure I was okay.
It turns out I got of lightly as Matt, who's been riding with us all week, really lost it on the same hit and is now out for the rest off the week with a knackered shoulder.
The riding after lunch was a definite anti-climax though with mile after mile of road and/or fire road.
Too beat to write more now, just going to stick a couple of shots on Flickr and then sleep.

I wonder what Specialized's crash replacement policy is these days...

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