Saturday, June 02, 2007

Trans Scotland day7

Trans Scotland day7
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Probably... After 7 days of back to back riding with the final stage including climbs at Glentress and Innerleithen, _this_ probably was the best beer in the world.
The last stage was a big one but it was all rideable, and as I've ridden GT and Innerleithen loads I knew what was coming. And, the descent from The Three Brethren into Selkirk is always good.
It's now 5am on Sunday morning, I'm wide awake with a stinking cold (that I'd kept at bay with Lemsip and bloody-minded-mess for the last 2days,) I've slept for 10 lovely hours. It's only now starting to sink in: we've ridden for bloody miles through some of the best riding (and weather!!) in the world.
Once again thanks to everyone involved and, in particular, to Rich, Gaz, Matt, Anthony and Pete for the company, pacing and random banter on those endless climbs. Also, thanks to Trevor for the helmet and Jacko for keeping an eye on my bike.

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