Sunday, April 27, 2008

Xian Report#1

Following on from the previous post I'm now back in home and working through photos from last weekends trip.

It rained. A lot. Xian, the little that we saw of it, is very different to Beijing. For a start it smells of coal fires (probably from the high use of coal fired power stations in China and the geographical layout of Shaanxi region. Mountains surrounding the Xian area do a good job of concentrating the pollution), also the predominance of the city walls around the main city centre gives the place more character as the (recently rebuilt) walls hint at the city's huge history when they catch you eye in most directions.

As I say, we didn't see much but it was enough to make me want to return and gamble on some better weather.

I've put the first batch of images on Flickr and am gradually sorting and tweaking the rest now.

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