Friday, August 14, 2009

Catching Back Up

Been a bit manic recently and this place has consequently suffered because of that.

But I've now got a bit of time to write up some of what I got up to over the last wee while. This weekend was a busy one (trips back to Scotland are rarely anything else, and with an added wedding, this one was no exception) However I did figure out and test a strobe thing that's been on my mind since Mark reminded me of the potential of the Multi mode with his great shots from the Guildford Crit races.

I wanted the strobe effect but with more definition on the last "frame" so that I could use it as a different approach to sequence captures. With the nights drawing in already the mtb night riding season is fast approaching so I've already got a few ideas.

I also managed to get my girlfriend in front of the camera for the first time in while, which is nice.

What was even nicer, was that Jane was patient enough to let me set up lights, reflectors and pocket wizards to create some reasonable lighting. All this in the windy woods while getting odd looks from the odd passer-by.

Main light: The Sun from camera right
2nd light: 580 bounced into a brolly from lower left
3rd light: 580 Gorilla-podded to a tree aimed at the back of her right shoulder

I'll post more images as soon as they are "approved for publication" by the relevant party ;)

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