Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Eden Project (Cornwall part#1)

We were in Cornwall recently for a bit of a birthday weekend, part of the plan was a visit to The Eden Project.
It's stunning, the architecture is spectacular, the plants are beautiful and, inside the bio-domes, it actually feels like you're in the jungle.

Core Reflected
The Core roof reflected in a window panel

Seed Runner
The beautiful "Seed" sculpture and random running child

Rain forest vegetation meets Buckminster-Fuller's force field

My only complaint (and compliment at the same time) would be that it's so well done that I really noticed the absence of the rest of the environments that are recreated: the animals and bugs. Not that I'm suggesting that The Eden Project import a load of spiders and monkeys from Singapore and set them up in a home-from-home in Cornwall that would be madness. (*Actually, yes, yes I am suggesting that. Do it and let people see all of the jungle life: fauna as well as the flora. There'd be a few bites and stings for sure, but what better way to complete your immersion into a new environment that a painful reminder that these places are real and need protecting because it's not just plants that live there.)

Lack of nastiness aside, it's pretty spot-on for feeling like the real thing. Including the oppresive humidity, which was noticed more by my cold camera than me at that time of the morning.

Purple and Green
Diffuser and soft focus: all my own fault ;)

Eden Panorama
All shots were taken on the G9 as the big bag stayed at home for the weekend. All the more reason to go back for another visit if you ask me.

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