Monday, June 21, 2010

Miko and Nick

I shot my first English wedding a few weeks ago. There was none of the usual kilts and ceilidh but just as much red wine and smiles (and hangovers, but that's another story ;o) I was there in a semi-official capacity along with other friends from our local photography gang.

Fortunately Miko and Nick are both accomplished photographers (MMY Photography) and were equally relaxed in front of the camera as they are behind it. This meant that they were both able to pre-empt a lot of the shots we were aiming for and make some constructive suggestions to posing and positioning. Luckily the light held-out too with a lot of the day being bright, but cloudy so making for less shadows across faces or the need for lots of fill lighting.

It was actually their idea to head to an old, graffiti covered factory in darkest Surrey (It is now geo-tagged for future reference though) It turned out to be a great idea as the run-down derelict venue is a great contrast to the elegance of their formal wedding attire.

Also, as I was around and shooting for the full day I had time to use my infrared converted Canon D60. I've had this body for a while now and always thought it could work well for weddings as well as the more traditional IR landscapes. Turns out I was right and, thanks to Miko, some of the infrared shots are very nice indeed.

As the day turned towards night we set-up a couple of lights and umbrellas in the nearby park and took advantage of the fantastic sun set, and the willingness of the bride, groom and guests to have a bit of a play for a different take on some wedding photos.

Huge congratulations once again to Miko and Nick and a big thank you as well for giving me so much access and freedom to really enjoy shooting your wedding day.

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