Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Dark In The Woods

Recently, I stumbled upon some amazing work by German photographer Volker Steger. In particular, the beautiful electron microscopy work. And I found myself inspired. But with no high powered microscope to hand I had to think of something else... something like a 50mm f2.5 macro and it's corresponding Life Size Converter in my bag. A couple of test shots confirmed that I was, for some reason feeling like shooting some macro stuff for a change..
But old china dolls in the window light weren't really cutting it. And, I was still wondering how to get something akin to the other worldly macro stuff I'd been looking at... something like.... fungus! It's the right time of year for it too. To keep things odd and to move my colour palette towards the images I'd been looking at before, I fitted the macro lens to my infrared converted Canon D60 picked up a gorilla-pod and headed to the dampest part of the woods I could think of.
Lilliput In The Twilight Zone

There wasn't as much about as I'd expected, but when I found it, it was exactly what I was after. And, yes I was glad I'd picked up that gorilla pod on the way out, it's dark in the woods...

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