Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Butterfly Lights and Stolen Macros
This is Gordon, Gordon the wet-plate photographer. And this is obviously not a wet-plate photo. It was however shot during a day of mixing collodion alchemy and digital portraiture in our local (improvised) studio space. I used the lighting set up Gordon was testing as the backdrop and lit him with a gridded main light camera right and a soft box to camera left for fill. The biggest problem was light spill from my lights intruding on the background set-up. I eventually had to drop to iso50, drop the power as low as it would go and still move the lights in close get it too work.
This is Elizabeth, a photographer friend who doubled up as a model and struck this great natural pose while helping me set up the lights for the shot of Gordon.
And this is Nick. Nick is also a photographer and on this day a subject for wet-plate images. This is not a wet-plate photo either. It's an ISO 25600 macro shot of the ground glass focusing screen on Gordon's 10x12 plate camera. So it's almost the same thing - only without the chemistry and swearing ;)

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