Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Racing: More Experimenting

I was up at Porridgepot Hill at the weekend to once again take advantage of the "captive" subjects of the Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle Spring Series.

The staggered start times and tightly looping course made it easy to try out a bunch of different things through the day. The above image was a shot I wanted as soon as I saw the course winding through the trees. I don't think it says "racing" but it does convey speed and movement and breaks a few rules at the same time (ie "You should always have some where for the bike to ride in too")


Being there for the full day also gave me more time to test and practice with my remote flash set-up (especially as it all went wrong last time around). Technically, I like how this set-up worked out in particular and, despite the guy in the foreground, show the flash : ambient balance I was after.
[For the Strobists out there: Pocket Wizard fired 580ex pointing up towards riders from behind a tree just out of shot on right, ambient exposure dropped by-1.5 stops and flash set up using obliging spectator as handy stand-in]


I also made a conscious effort to shoot from more locations and angles this time. It was admittedly tempting to stay at the crowd pleasing, almost-guaranteed-a-tumble spot for each race but I managed to drag myself away and try a few different locations and angles.

The full set of images from Sunday is over on Flickr

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