Thursday, April 02, 2009

G20 Protests, Bank of England

I decided the night before to head down in to the City with a friend to cover the protests planned to converge on the Bank of England.
A long and interesting day ensued!

I've not shot this sort of thing before so pretty much made it up as I went along trying to capture characters, and the action and mood of the event.

Short movie of all the shots (2 short bursts) I got of this guy. He was in, done and away in a matter of seconds.

Good things about the day:
1. Got some decent shots that I'm happy with
2. Did more "asking for people shots" which is always good practice
3. Got some decent close up shots of some of the ulgier parts of the day
3. Think I captured the actual mood of the whole day, not just the parts shown on TV
4. Got them all sorted, processed and public quicker than normal

Bad things:
1. Should've taken a 2nd body. The 20D with the 10-22 would've been idealn for closer in shots.
2. Didn't ask enough for enough people shots
3. Should've taken a Camelbak, then I wouldn't have had a blinding headache for the whole night.
4. ...and being penned in by riot police for no apparent reason for 3-4hrs wasn't exactly funny either.

Some of the images suit black and white conversion more than others. Especially when the composition's over powered with day-glo yellow!

As usual the full set is on Flickr

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