Saturday, June 13, 2009

Voila! Gallery Update

I was in LA recently and managed to take a quick detour to Voila! on the way to the airport. As I mentioned in a previous post Voila! are displaying and selling a selection of my Fine Art Images.

I'd never seen the prints framed and hanging so I was obviously keen to stop by and check them out.

The above 48" wide, aluminium framed print in particular looks amazing but all the images that are available look great.

A huge thanks has to go in here for the guys at A&I Hollywood for their printing services. I'd given the go ahead for the prints basedon fed-ex'd sample prints so there was a certain sense of relief when I saw how good a job they'd done. The print quality, in conjunction with Voila's custom framing makes for images that I'm more than happy for people to go and look at (and buy too of course)

To be honest I don't know who reads this blog (apart from the 3 followers over there on the right, thanks guys ;o) but if you are in LA I'd definitely recommend a visit to Voila!. Not just to see my images either, there's some beautiful work in there, the likes of which I've never seen anywhere else.
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