Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Catching up. Again.

Right, here we go: Insert standard "I-know-I-said-I'd-update-regularly-but... " type excuse here.

Actually, I've never said that. But it has been a while since I was able to sit down and get a few things up here. Things've been busy, in no particular order there was a night shoot in Guildford, some light painting at 1am and a full blown wedding shoot in Edinburgh.

Look Into The Light#1

The night in Guildford was spent with a few friends shooting in and around the centre of town, I felt a little unplanned and unprepared as we all headed out looking for inspiration, but it's nice to be pushed outside your comfort zone now and again, and everyone's results, while very different were all either interesting or inspirational, or both. I'm happy with some and I should've been happy with others. I say "should've been" mainly because it's obvious, with hindsight, how I could've improved the image. The full set is here, see if you can tell which shots I would've been much happier with if I'd thought to put a reflector to camera-right!

The next batch-for-editing was from a short, impromptu, night shoot with my brothers while I was in Scotland for a week. The initial plan was to shoot some long exposures of the Forth Bridges, but they are surprisingly un-spectacularly lit! (Someone's missing a trick there, as they're both quite spectacular, especially the rail bridge) So we headed up to Harlaw Reservoir instead. I'd cycled by earlier in the evening and thought it looked promising,so the destination wasn't an entirely random choice.

Unknown Structures

Cold, windy and dark, as you'd expect in the hills in Scotland at night, but not 100% dark as the low cloud cover was reflecting the orange lights of Edinburgh for miles in all directions. As I mentioned I'd been out cycling in the hills earlier and had thrown my HID bike light into my camera bag as a potential "painting with light" source. As you can see from the shot above it was plenty bright enough. It's a very cold light though and I was lucky that it balanced so well with the rich orange clouds and so didn't need to much in the way of colour editing.

It wasn't all landscapes and reservoir architecture though and the head torches that we were using to set-up with were put into use as point-sources to see who could draw the most accurately in mid-air, in the dark during a 30 second exposure. ("accurately" being a relative term in this context ;)

Much hilarity was had and many images were deleted. Some though, were worth keeping, they're on flickr. And others, well others were just worth posting 'cause they actually turned out better than expected and, well, they're just funny.

Here's small (test) slideshow of the set courtesy of flickr.
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