Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sinai Above and Below

First Dive, originally uploaded by schpleep.

I'd never been diving. Not that I didn't want to, I did, it was more the worry that I might like it more than I thought I would.

However, when the opportunity arose to go to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt to shoot a resort, travel and tourism trip, I was excited to see that diving was on the itinerary.
View to Relaxation
The diving session was put off and delayed by the Egyptian Tourist Boards weather fears for a few days. But that didn't stop us getting out and about to see, and experience all the Savoy Hotel and Resort has to offer. As much sun, sea, lounging and pampering as you can handle as well as an outrageous selection of restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes.Clubbing It

The trip was engineered to show off the best of Egypts' Sinai peninsula and that meant everything from desert safaris by jeep and quad bikes to shopping trips in old market towns.

Watching The Tourists
I'm still realing from the itinerary to be honest. But still the diving was off limits due to the mild swell and clouds.
Right up until the last day. Then we were finally allowed in the water...

Oh dear.... It's better than I imagined. We didn't go very deep or indeed dive for too long. But it was enough. I want some more!
Fishy Fauna
I managed to get a few dive shots with my G9 in the WP-DC21 housing. Gadget wise this is a pretty cool little piece of kit: full access to all the functions of the camera and waterproof down to 40m. Nice.

The majority of the images were shot on the 1D mkIII, which is, fortunately dust "proofed" as there was a lot of that around. Click here for a link to the complete gallery of the trip.

So definitely a return trip underwater to be arranged. In the meantime though, there's still snow in the Alps...

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