Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beijing, Briefly.

What is it with blog posts that you always feel obliged to strart with an apology for not writing enough recently!? Anyways, I've not updated this for ages again, 'cause I've been crazy busy. However, I now have a new resolution of writing up blog posts on the train to distract me from my mind numbing commute.

First up is a few street shots from a short work trip to Beijing. I only had the afternoon to spare when I arrived so I decided to stave off jet-lag by wandering the streets around the hotel for a few hours. It was freezing, and Beijing commuters are as surly and suspicious of a foreigner with a camera as the rest of the world. But, not to be perturbed I put on my best tourist grin and carried on regardless.
Bejing street candids. February 2011. (Photo ©Lee Irvine www.pelicanimages.com)
Also, it's the year of the rabbit in China and monster bunnies were lurking everywhere, seemingly un-noticed by the populace...

October 2010. (Photo ©Lee Irvine www.pelicanimages.com)
That was pretty much all the daylight I saw for the week, and the rest of my spare time was limited to pottering around my room with my G9. But more of that in the next post. There's also a full gallery of updated China travel images here:
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