Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Raphaella: Film

Recently a certain iNologist asked if I wanted to join him in a studio model shoot. I've not worked with a model in a studio setting for a long time, but I did have a few ideas that I'd been thinking I'd like to try out. So, after a quick diary check, a date was set and a model booked.
I didn't get much as planning/per-viz work done as i'd hoped, but that wasn't a big problem as Gordon already had a few things in mind. Raphaella was great help too, a quick discussion on some test shots I'd done, a careful meter reading and we were getting through rolls of film in minutes. The only real issues being that iPhoneography needs constant source lights not flashes and, I wanted to shoot film. As bright (and hot) as the lights were, I was still pushing it to hand-hold my Pentax 6x7 at around 1/80 f4 with ISO400 film. Luckily, I still had an in-date roll of 3200 in my bag just in case.

The films were processed and then scanned with only minor retouching to remove dust spots and, in some cases, add some gentle toning. I'd deliberately used 35mm in the 6x7 as I wanted the sprocket holes to be part of the final images. This didn't work out every time but the 7cm long frames still allow for some different cropping options and I've learned some lessons on framing for next time.

Thanks to The iNologist for organising the shoot and to Raphaella for her patience, hard work and contribution to a great afternoon's photography.

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