Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Raphaella: Digital

As well as getting through a good few rolls of film back in January with Raphaella, we also shot a set of digital images. With time to spare after my final film set-up, the inologist, Raphaella and I had a quick think and pulled together one last shoot for the day.
  A load of black fabric and two gridded lights, (balanced in power but one through a strip and the other through a soft box) gave a nice even light. I switched back to my 1D and 70-200 f2.8 with a tripod to keep things steady at ISO 800. Switching back to digital after spending most of the afternoon shooting film helped speed things along too. Being able to spot meter, check and tweak on the fly again was a big change from hand held metering, fixed ISO, and no previews. This quick set up allowed us to shoot ~100 frames in 30mins, roughly the same as the total of film frames for the rest of the day!

From the start, I knew that these shots were going to be black and white and, as with the film images, the exposure was preset/determined by the lighting set-up. So post-processing was mainly covered by one big batch job in Lightroom. The more interesting stuff started to happen when I began rotating and reicropping "just to see what happened". This quickly led to a few layers and masks in Photoshop to achieve what had come to mind.
I'm quite pleased with these results, especially because the digital shoot was unplanned, and total time, including shooting and post work is probably under 3hrs. Once again a huge thanks to Raphaella for pulling this last shoot out of the bag with me.

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