Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Are You Famous?

"Are you a pop star?" seems to be the other default question from anyone who is curious (or mouthy) enough to ask when you're shooting head shots in Soho. Luckily the smile it raised on Angeline's face was genuine and that shot made it through to the final cut. Thank you curious teen!
Angeline was after some new images for her re-vamped website. We'd sat down and decided on the types of shot that would work over a coffee and a mind-map that covered concepts, inspiration, and lighting and technical details.
All we had to do now was sort our timings and hope they coincided with a bright but cloudy day in London. Surprisingly a cloudy day didn't take long to arrive, and the end of an alley in deepest Soho provided an ideal back drop. There was even some nice fill lighting bounced in from a nearby tower block.
One white balance reference and a few test shots later and we were ready to run through a set of semi-formal, not-to-serious-but-not-too-smily, head and 3/4 shots.
I shot all of these wide open with my 70-200 to get the maximum separation between Angeline and the background. The bright daylight and f2.8 was allowing for some reasonably fast shutter speeds too. So, once we felt that we had the shots we'd planned we took the opportunity to lighten things up a little.

Some worked, some didn't, but we were both happy with the ones that did, especially as they fit well with some of the reference shots and pallets we had pulled together earlier. Expect to see them online soon, I'll update this with Angeline's webpage as soon she clears it for public release ;)

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