Friday, October 12, 2012

Materials In Motion: Audio Edit

The Materials in Motion time lapse and video work that I posted about last year was given a major upgrade recently. We were discussing the E-motions In-motion project that Oblique Sound and I had worked on previously and Materials in Motion came in the same conversation. 
So when Henry offered to compose a soundtrack for the video piece that accompanied the images I thought it was a great idea. A copy of the full length video was sent to the studio and I left it up to Henry to interpret the footage as he saw fit. 
"It's maybe a bit dark...but see what you think" said Henry when we sat down to view the results. Clearly he hasn't seen my music collection!
The composition really does add a whole new sense of depth and character to the moving images and I'm looking forward to further collaborations as soon as we can conjure them up.

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