Sunday, March 01, 2009

Into The White

Just got back from a stunning week's boarding in Chamonix.

Once again the snow was deep, the mountains were spectaular and the riding was simply amazing.
I only took the G9 instead of the usual bag of kit, however I still struggled to stop and shoot that many images as the weather and conditions were so good.

Although a-typical of the weather last week, this is one of my favourite images: I was riding below Le Herse lift in Grands Montets, the clouds had been in and out off the valley all day. Suddenly they properly closed in. Thinking they'd blow through fairly quickly I had a seat and decided to capture the sudden muffling isolation that this weather brings. The only sounds was the dull clank of the chairlift and the occasional blur of voices from above me.

The cloud didn't blow through. Riding down into invisible moguls and powder with only intermittent piste marker poles for directions is... well, it's certainely "character building"

Once again the G9 excelled itself as this photoshop stitched panorama from a sequence captured using the Stitch Help mode shows. (Although at 13000' I nearly froze my fingers to the camera in the minus lots of degrees wind!)

Jane's Big View

More of my Chamonix images are over at Flickr.

Finally, I'm still liking that time-lapse mode too: accelerated cable car descent down from the Aiguille Du Midi

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