Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener, originally uploaded by schpleep.

Yesterday a group of friends and photographers decided to get together to shoot some portraits and figure out some lighting set-ups; generally take the time to figure things out that are outside the normal "comfort zone" when setting up a shot.

The initial idea here was to use the slightly surreal greenhouse for a quirky portrait backdrop.
However, the temptation to hook up more lights was too much to resist. (This shot used 4 lights (triggered remotely) in the end. See the image on flickr for more details)

Then there was something missing for a bit of balance on the left of the frame, which is where Miko comes in. Initial shots of smiling face on both models didn't really cut it with the wierdness of a night-time greenhouse. So sleeping Miko and sunglasses Mark helped add to the already weird scene.

What does it mean? No idea!

It was fun though, so thanks to all involved expecially Gordon and Melanie for hosting, feeding and watering us all day. And Mark and Miko for hanging around in the cold.

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