Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Highlands In Infrared

To take full advantage of the Queens recent jubilee celebrations I headed to the highlands for the weekend ;) and limited things to only carrying my infrared converted Canon D60. Big, moody, cloudy landscapes were the original plan...
And, the fickle scottish weather did play along for a while too. But even when the blue skies were clouded over there some lovely views to be had in and around Aviemore. Less bunting too.
On the return journey we stopped in at The Hermitage at Dunkeld. If you've never been I'd definitely recommend it as a place to stop and break up a drive up or down the A9. The main paths lead up to the Georgian Folly known as Ossian's Hall of Mirrors which is about as far most people get as they're probably just having a quick break from driving. It is however worth a wander further up the River Braan. Especially last weekend as the river was surprisingly low and revealing much of the spectacularly eroded bedrock that it flows over.

The big softly curving shapes and deep pools are quite surreal and I was pretty happy to packed my tripod and a few ND filters along with the camera. The shapes of the rocks and river bed were actually so organic though that I swayed away from the obligatory super long waterfall shots and kept a little more noise in the water to balance out the smooth rocks.
I also managed to grab a few more fungus shots on this trip to add to my on-going Dark In The Woods IR Macro Fungus project, it's not really the season for rot yet but when you start looking for it there's still some of it around.
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